Westend Juniors
'Football is always fun at Westend'
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Westend Juniors
'Football is always fun at Westend'
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Westend Juniors
'A community club rooted to its community'
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Westend Juniors
'Proud to serve our community'
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"Football is always fun at Westend"

Westend was founded in June 1991 by Ricky Thwaites with a £5 football and a lot of help from his friends. His driving mission was to provide inexpensive football for youngsters from all walks of life igniting a passion and love of playing football. With FOUR boys attending the first ever training session, no one would ever envisage; thirty years later, thousands of children experiencing playing football with their friends at Westend Juniors.

"It's all about the kids"

Our mission is to make football accessible to all and inspire children to develop a love, enjoyment of football that impacts positively on their overall well-being and personal development.

"The passion you have in what you do is better than I have seen at any other club...

West Riding County FA


‘More than just a grassroots football club’

At Westend our aim through the engagement, participation and enjoyment of football is to develop youngsters to become outstanding young citizens in their community.

Our vision is to become the best grassroots football club locally, providing lifelong learning opportunities and improve children’s well-being/welfare through a centre of outstanding football provision and leadership in the community.

We are fiercely passionate about improving the lives of all children and young people we’re privileged to serve.

We understand the enormous power football can harness and influence within the community and take our roles/responsibilities very seriously, encouraging all young aspiring players to be the best they can become; not just as footballers, but also as human beings.

We are committed to making a difference to all those lives we touch and strive at every opportunity, to help all we influence reach their potential; irrespective of their starting point or ability, to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of life.


‘Passion – Pride – Purpose’

1. Provide a safe, caring and stimulating football environment that becomes the heartbeat of the local community.
2. Develop a culture of self-respect, respect for others, the learning environment and the wider community that supports us.
3. Inspire young people to become confident, self-assured, modest, humble and develop an aspirational attitude to be the best they can be.
4. Genuinely encourage and celebrate every step of progress, success and achievement in children’s development.
5. Set the highest of standards, learning principles and morals of high achievement, respect and the inclusion for all players.
6. We insist on the highest standards of behaviour, conduct, appearance, work ethic and respect for all.
7. Our values underpin everything we do in training, games and how we conduct ourselves in the wider community.

Our Values


We work extremely hard. We are 100% committed to do our best both individually and collectively.


We are well behaved, polite, well-mannered and respectful to all in the football community.


We never compromise on our values, principles and morals.


We are passionate, incredibly ambitious – providing the best possible opportunities for youngsters to thrive and achieve.


We are honest. We take responsibility for our own decisions, actions and always conduct ourselves in the correct way to do the right thing.


We are courageous in the pursuit of what we believe in. Beyond football, we aim to provide life changing experiences for children, young people and their families.


We know we won’t always get it right. Remaining true to our values we display a commitment to always learn and improve ourselves. We’re relentless…we never give up.


We strive to become the heartbeat of the community where people come together, thrive, connect and build lifelong friendships through the love and language of football.


We inspire pride in everything the club signifies to all players, families, managers and volunteers. We are proud of our history, our place in the community…we are Westend. 


Westend is truly a club for all. We serve people from all walks of life, ethnicity, faith, background and culture. We provide opportunities for everyone irrespective of starting point or ability.


Always sincere, never pretentious
Always positive, never downhearted
Always striving, never pushy
Always straight talking, never lecturing
Always leading, never dictating
Always confident, never arrogant
Always inspiring, never depressing
Always honest, never deceitful
Always humble, never self-interested

“Our history serves as an inspiration for our future as we continue to serve players, families and the wider community we’re proud of”