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Stay safe – Be vigilant – Enjoy

We’re delighted to announce football has returned to Westend Juniors. It’s great to have all our young players back on on the pitch enjoying training and playing football with their friends.

It’s important that all player’s/spectators remain safe and vigilant throughout, so it’s vital we all continue to follow all Covid-19 guidance.

Guidance for training and all games

1. All players must sanitise their hands prior to and at the end of every session/match.

2. 3G pitch access – ONLY Players, coaches and match officials are allowed to enter the 3G pitch

3. All spectators must view training and games behind the 3G perimeter fence.

4. All spectators are reminded to follow latest Covid-19 guidance and adhere to social distancing whilst spectating.

5. For games on grass pitches – spectators must view the game from the opposite side of the pitch to Team managers and substitutes  adhering to social distancing throughout.

League Announcement 

The West Riding County FA and Huddersfield Junior Football League have extended the 2020-21 Season to June 30th. This decision to extend the season will enable Teams to compete in their current League with a one game format against opposition (Home or Away)

Additionally, we’re encouraging all our Team managers to organise sanctioned friendlies providing more football for all.


Children's mental health and well-being

It is a very difficult time for everyone connected to Westend. All our children/young people are not only restricted in seeing their friends, but are also denied the opportunity to play football, sports and take part in other hobbies/activities. We know the impact of missing out on things we all love to do may lead to some children, young people and their families requiring support. If your children require help beyond home or school or just need others to talk to – please seek help and support.

YOUNGMINDS are the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health.


The link above will give you information on YOUNGMINDS mental health awareness support programme for children and young people during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Please take a look/share the YOUNGMINDS webpage as it may contain information that could help you or any children & young people you know.

Alternatively, please contact Westend Child Welfare Officer 

Darren Weaver Mobile 07787 394603 Email dj.weaver40@hotmail.com