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Here at Westend Junior Football Club we understand the important role a parent can play in their child’s development and it’s imperative we help guide your expectations on how everyone must conduct themselves, behave and act around children at all times.

All parents/guardians are expected to read/agree to the Westend Code of Conduct (see club policies) and always uphold Westend Juniors expectations, values, ensuring children are safe and protected at all times under English FA guidelines.

We believe education for parents; in some ways, is more vital than that of their children, as this will enable them to best support the football journey their child is on. Additionally, we encourage all parents to be patient, realistic, not pushy or critical towards their child’s development and give genuine praise as they learn and develop.

All parents/guardians will be encouraged to support their child and others equally, in a manner befitting of Westend behaviour policies. In any event where an issue or concern arises at training, playing matches or otherwise, the club will deal with such concerns immediately to protect the welfare of all children.

A Westend parent will be expected to:

Bring their child to football wearing the correct kit, footwear and bring a drink.

Arrive for training sessions and matches on time.

Adhere to all Westend Policies.

Be positive, encourage and praise your child’s development. 

Never judge or measure your child’s development or performance against that of another child or player.

Encourage your child to try other sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy every experience and have fun because that’s what your child is trying to do.

‘Football is always fun at Westend’