If you are interested in bringing your child to Westend why not come along to one of the sessions and you will see lots of happy children playing without pressure?

Westend do not have 'trials' to select only the 'best' players – every boy or girl regardless of ability is made very welcome at our Club.

The 2017/18 Annual Joining Forms are now available and we  expect in excess of 200 youngsters from under 5 to under 10 will take advantage of the inexpensive football available at Westend.

Annual Joining Fee only  £30!

If you would like to have a look at what we do – give Ricky a call 07703 040845 or just turn up with your boots and a smile to one of the sessions below.

U5: Ricky Thwaites – Saturday (9.00-10.00am) and Tuesday (6.00-7.00pm)
U6: Liam Hood – Saturday (9.00-10.00am) and Tuesday (6.00-7.00pm)
U7 Lions: Simon Hampson – Saturday (10.00-11.00am) and Monday (6.00-7.15pm)
U7 Tigers: Danny Hawker – Saturday (10.00-11.00am) and Monday (6.00-7.15pm)
U8 Lions: Shaun Townend – Saturday (10.00-11.00am) and Monday (6.00-7.15pm)
U8 Tigers: TBC – Saturday (10.00-11.00am) and Monday (6.00-7.15pm)
U9 Lions: Paul Howarth– Saturday (11.00-12 Noon) and Monday (7.15- 8.30pm)
U9 Tigers: Ants Farrell– Saturday (11.00-12 Noon) and Monday (7.15- 8.30pm) 
U10 Lions: Ricky Thwaites – Saturday (11.00-12 Noon) and Monday (7.15-8.30pm)
U10 Tigers: Simon Hampson – Saturday (11.00-12 Noon) and Monday (7.15-8.30pm)

UNDER 11 LIONS: Lee Haigh – Thursday (6.00-7.00pm)
UNDER 11 TIGERS: Kieron Hood – Thursday (6.00-7.00pm)
UNDER 12 LIONS: Steve Green – Thursday (7.00-8.00pm)
UNDER 12 TIGERS: Phil Jefferson – Thursday (7.00-8.00pm)
UNDER 13 LIONS: Gabriel Mellor – Wednesday (7.00-8.00pm)
UNDER 13 TIGERS: Simon Hampson – Wednesday (7.00-8.00pm)
UNDER 14 LIONS: Dave Noble – Wednesday (6.00-7.00pm)
UNDER 14 TIGERS: Steve Newburn – Wednesday (6.00-7.00pm)
UNDER 15 LIONS: Marvin Gaye – Tuesday (7.00-8.00pm)
UNDER 15 TIGERS: Nick Walters – Tuesday (7.00-8.00pm)
UNDER 16 LIONS: Ants Farrell – Thursday (8.00-9.00pm)
UNDER 16 TIGERS: Darren Weaver – Thursday (8.00-9.00pm)

UNDER 17 LIONS: Shaun Townend – Wednesday (8.00-9.00pm)