Snow Damage To 3G Pitch

At this time of the year we are often asked why we do not play or train when there is snow or ice on the 3g pitch.
The photo shows the damage that was caused last year after the 3g had been played on when snow and ice had been covering the pitch. (Thankfully not by Westend)
This was caused by the rubber crumbs freezing together and being kicked up by players resulting in a repair bill of £600.
Westend FC have invested over £80,000 in the 3g pitch and it is a marvellous facility to have, so we need to ensure it is looked after at all times.
Please help us by ensuring that the following rules are respected.

No litter
No animals
No bikes
No smoking
No climbing fences
No muddy footwear
No blades or metal studs
No kicking balls at the dug outs
No chewing gum
No football in snow or icy conditions