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Exciting times ahead for local school communities as Westend partners with award winning children’s well-being programme to improve mental toughness, resilience, self motivation and health.

Inspiring over 75,000 children across the North of England

‘Childhood is a precious time’

At U Can Shine we’re passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of children and improving their overall wellbeing.

Physical, emotional and social skill development are the bedrock of everything we do at U Can Shine where self worth, self belief and self motivation set the foundations for children to develop essential skills/dispositions they’ll require to succeed at school and as they grow up.

More than ever before in our lifetime, children with the ‘DNA’ of inner confidence, self-motivation, resilience, independence and positive attitude will have the necessary skills to overcome challenges and achieve in their wider lives.

‘Roots to grow…wings to fly’
UMan coming to a school community near you soon!


Programmes for school

Mental health/well-being programmes
PHSE programmes
Motivational/Inspirational school talks

For further details on how your school community can get involved and organise a visit from UMan



mobile 07841 632 023 

visit www.ucanshine.co.uk or contact info@westendjuniors.com